Quick Fixes to Improve Your House Sale

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Potential home buyers will be looking for visual clues that your home is well cared for. How much work a house seems to need will impact the offering prices you receive so it's worth some time to ensure that everything is in good working order. Below are a few key items to check and fix up before your first potential home buyers look at your house. Above all, NEAT AND CLEAN SELLS!

New Perspective

Bring a friend, a Re/Max professional real estate agent or home stager to help point out overlooked problem areas of clutter. When you live in a space you get used to a space. You don’t see what others see. Trust their advice and be open-minded.

Remove Personal Items

Put away family photos, souvenirs, knick-knacks and personal items. These items are special to you, but the prospective buyer wants to envision their own personal items in your space. So, help them out. As well, it helps to put away any loose items laying around and de-clutter.

Clean, Clear Surfaces

Clear off counters, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, storing away small appliances and miscellaneous personal items. Scrub down the surfaces and perhaps even put out a bouquet of flowers.


Ensure all plumbing fixtures are clean and in good working order. Outfit leaky faucets with new washers and clean any visible stains on counters and sinks. Replace your old, worn shower curtain and bath mats. Keep a fresh set of new towels to put out whenever potential buyers are coming.

Entry Way

Throw away any old and worn out welcome mat or carpeting at your entrance, inside and out. Make a good first impression on their first steps into your home. Clear away any clutter and put all shoes, boots, and gloves away in a closet.

Doors and Windows

Have windows cleaned inside and out. Potential buyers will be estimating their energy costs, so fix all drafts by re-caulking windows and replace the weather striping on the exterior doors if necessary.

Walls and Floors

A fresh coat of paint instantly transforms a space, helping it to look neat, clean, and up-to-date. Keeping in mind neutral colors are best for re-sale. Always fix obvious wall imperfections like cracks and nail holes, before painting. Steam clean carpets and runners, and repair any chipped or loose floor tiles if necessary.


Be mindful of the odours left behind by pets, cooking, and smokers and consider using an environmentally friendly room fragrance to neutralize unpleasant scents. If possible leave the lights on. This creates a nice ambiance and this way the Realtor can focus more on the showing rather than finding the light switches.

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